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Welcome to our collection of ratio worksheets designed to help students practice and master the concept of ratios. Ratios are fundamental in mathematics and are used to compare quantities in different situations. Whether you’re introducing ratios for the first time or reinforcing previously learned concepts, these worksheets offer a variety of exercises suitable for different levels of proficiency. From basic ratio problems to more complex scenarios, students will find ample opportunities to sharpen their skills and deepen their understanding of ratios.

Our worksheets are designed to gradually increase in difficulty, allowing students to build upon their skills and knowledge as they progress through the exercises.

Ratio Worksheets

Parts of a Ratio

Write the parts of ratio using the given pictures.

Finding Ratio

Find the ratio and answer the given word problems.

Ratio in Three Ways

Write the ratio in three different ways.

Color & Draw

Color the pictures for the given ratio. Draw the pictures for the given ratio.

Shaded/Unshaded Region

Find the ratio for the shaded and unshaded regions.

Simplifying Ratio

Simplify the ratio and color the way from start to finish.

Equivalent Ratio

These worksheets describe the equivalent ratio for easy understanding.

Ratio: Money

Here money concepts included, to find the ratio of shares.

Using Customary Units

These ratio worksheets have problems with the customary units.

Using Metric Units

These ratio worksheets have problems with the metric units.

Ratio Word Problems

Our worksheets help students understand how ratios are used in everyday situations, making learning more relatable and engaging.