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These worksheets are designed to help students practice addition skills in an engaging way. Certainly! Here are some hands-on addition activities that can help students practice addition skills in a fun and interactive way. Grade 1 kids can use these worksheets.

Addition Activity Worksheets

Color By Addition

“Color by addition” or “color by number” worksheets with a mystery picture can be a fun way to reinforce addition skills while creating a hidden image.

Match the Sum

Matching the sum is a math activity where students are given a set of addition equations and must match each equation to the correct sum.

Circle the Sum - Penguin Theme

“Circle the Sum” worksheet with a penguin theme can be a fun way to engage young learners while practicing addition skills. 

Circle the Sum

Add the two numbers in each equation and circle the correct sum. Kids practice these worksheets to understand the basic addition.

Abacus Addition

Teaching addition using an abacus is a great way to help students understand the concept of addition and develop their math skills.