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Horizontal subtraction is a method of subtracting numbers in a horizontal format, as opposed to the traditional vertical format. This method is often used for mental calculations or when working with small numbers.

Perform Horizontal Subtraction: Subtract the numbers horizontally, column by column, to find the correct answer.

Write Your Answers: Record your answers neatly in the designated space provided for each problem.   

Encourage students to understand the process and not just focus on the final answer.

Horizontal Subtraction Worksheets

Single Digit Subtraction

Subtract the single-digit numbers horizontally to find the correct answer. Reinforce the importance of accuracy in single-digit subtraction.

1 Digit & 2 Digit Subtraction

1-digit subtraction and 2-digit subtraction are both fundamental math skills taught in early elementary education, and they build upon the concept of single-digit subtraction.

2 Digit Subtraction

Subtract the 2-digit numbers horizontally, column by column, to find the correct answer.

3 Digit & 1 Digit Subtraction

One-digit and three-digit subtraction are important math skills taught in elementary education.

3 Digit & 2 Digit Subtraction

Remind students to regroup (borrow) when necessary for 3-digit subtraction. Encourage students to double-check their answers for accuracy.

3 Digit & 4 Digit Subtraction

Subtract three-digit numbers from four-digits is the difficult level for 3rd grade students. Print these worksheets for more practice.