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Subtracting numbers ending with zero is a skill that comes in handy in various real-life scenarios. These worksheets are designed to build your confidence in mastering this aspect of subtraction. Happy subtracting!

Subtraction Ending With Zero Worksheets

2 Digit Subtraction

Two-digit subtraction ending with zero is the basic problem for learning borrowing numbers in subtraction.

3 Digit Subtraction

These worksheets help the kids to practice 3 digit subtraction with numbers ending with zero.

4 Digit Subtraction

4 digit subtraction is the middle level problems, practice these problems by downloading them. 

5 Digit Subtraction

This is the hard level, students can practice five-digit subtraction ending with zero.

Subtraction - Borrowing

Subtraction with borrowing problems is given here for practice.

Subtraction - No Borrowing

Subtraction without borrowing problems also available here for funful learning.