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Picture multiplication involves drawing arrays or groups of objects to help kids understand the concept of multiplication as repeated addition. Here we represent multiplication using an area model, which is a helpful visual tool for understanding multiplication. It’s a simple and visual way to introduce multiplication in a real-world context.

Picture Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication Using Arrays

Using arrays is a great way to visually represent multiplication for kids. An array is a systematic arrangement of objects into rows and columns.

Multiplication Facts

Multiplication facts are basic arithmetic equations that involve multiplying two numbers together. These facts are the foundation for understanding and mastering multiplication.

Number Bond Multiplication

Number bond multiplication is a method that helps students understand the relationship between multiplication and addition through the concept of number bonds.

Multiplication Sentence

A multiplication sentence is a mathematical statement that shows the multiplication of two numbers. It consists of the multiplicand, the multiplier, and the product.

Find Cost of Articles

This visual representation helps in understanding that multiplying the number of articles by the cost per article gives you the total cost.