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Trigonometric ratios are fundamental concepts in trigonometry that relate the angles of a right triangle to the lengths of its sides. These ratios are essential for solving problems involving right triangles and modeling periodic phenomena. The primary trigonometric ratios are sine, cosine, and tangent, abbreviated as sin, cos, and tan.

Worksheets on trigonometric ratios provide students with practice problems that reinforce their understanding of these essential concepts. By working through various problems, students can gain confidence and proficiency in applying trigonometric ratios to solve problems involving right triangles.


To help students practice using trigonometric ratios, we offer a variety of downloadable worksheets.

Download Free Trigonometric Ratio Worksheets

Trigonometric Ratio: Basics

Carefully read the given problem to identify the angle and the sides of the triangle.

Trigonometric Ratio: Segments

Find the trigonometric ratio using segments.

Trigonometric Ratio - Sides

Determine which trigonometric ratio (sin, cos, or tan) to use based on the given information and what you need to find.

Identify the Value

Identify the value of the trigonometric ratio, using the calculator.