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Welcome to our collection of interactive and engaging worksheets designed to help kids understand factors and multiples in a fun and enjoyable way! Whether your child is just starting to learn about factors and multiples or looking for an extra challenge, these worksheets provide a range of activities to suit every learning level.

Understanding factor pairs is an essential skill in mathematics that lays the foundation for more complex concepts. With these interactive activities, kids will have a blast discovering factors, multiples and their importance in number relationships.

Factors and Multiples Worksheets

Factors/Multiples Chart

Prime numbers are those that have only two divisors, while composite numbers have more than two divisors.

Prime Factors

This activity introduces kids to the concept of prime factorization and helps them understand the relationship between prime numbers and factors.

Factor Pairs

This activity reinforces the concept of factor pairs and helps kids recognize the relationship between numbers and their factors.

Factor Tree

These worksheets encourage kids to practice identifying prime numbers while having fun with a price factor tree.

Venn Diagram

This venn diagram activity helps reinforce the concept of factors visually and interactively.

Multiples of Numbers

These colorful interactive worksheets help kids to think critically and apply their knowledge of multiples to solve problems.

Identify Factors/Multiples

Identify the factors and multiples and answer yes or no. Solve the problems by applying your knowledge of factors and multiples.

Multiple Choice

These multiple-choice questions are more useful for students for a better understanding of factors and multiples.

What Number Am I?

Solve the word problems by applying your knowledge of factors and multiples.