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Fun and Educational Worksheets for Learning about Temperature!!

Learning about temperature can be an exciting journey for kids, filled with hands-on activities and engaging worksheets. Whether they’re exploring the concept of hot and cold or discovering how to measure temperature, these worksheets offer interactive learning experiences that make science fun. Let’s dive into some entertaining worksheets designed to help kids understand temperature in a creative and educational way.

These worksheets offer fun and educational activities for kids to explore the fascinating world of temperature. By engaging in hands-on experiments and interactive exercises, children can develop a deeper understanding of temperature concepts while having a blast along the way.

Temperature Worksheets

Cut-Paste Activity

Have children cut out the pictures and sort them into two categories: “Hot” and “Cold.”

Temperature Celsius (0-60)

Help kids learn how to read a thermometer and understand temperature in Celsius.

Temperature Celsius (0-120)

Read the temperature and write in Celsius.

Temperature Celsius (-50 to 50)

Record the temperature from -50 to 50 in Celsius scale.

Temperature Fahrenheit (0-60)

Record the temperature from 0 to 60 in the Fahrenheit scale.

Temperature Fahrenheit (0-120)

Record the temperature from 0 to 120 in the Fahrenheit scale.

Temperature Fahrenheit (-50 to 50)

Record the temperature from -50 to 50 in the Fahrenheit scale.

Show the Temperature

Show the temperature for the given readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Find the Difference

Find the difference between the two thermometers.

Rise and Fall in Temperature

Write the rise and fall in temperature.

Mark the Temperature

Mark the thermometer with the different colors for the high and low-temperature readings.

Record the Temperature

Record the temperature, shown in each thermometer.

Convert Celcius to Kelvin

Convert the readings from celsius to kelvin.

Convert Kelvin to Celcius

Convert the readings from Kelvin to Celsius.

Fill up the Blanks

Read the temperatures and write the answers for the given questions.

Word Problems

Different temperature word problems are given here for easy understanding.