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The domain of a graph is the set of all possible x-values for which the function is defined or the graph exists. The range of a graph is the set of all possible y-values that the function or graph covers. Explain what domain and range are in simple terms. Domain refers to all possible input values, while range refers to all possible output values.

Summarize the key points about domain and range and encourage kids to practice more to strengthen their understanding.

Domain and Range Worksheets

Write Domain & Range

To write the domain and range for a set of ordered pairs, you’ll first need to identify all unique x-values (domain) and y-values (range) present in the ordered pairs.

Find Domain or Range

Find the domain or range of each graph. Choose the right choice for each graph.

Domain & Range: Graph

To find the domain and range from a graph, you need to look at the x-values and y-values represented on the graph.

Mapping Relationship

Write the domain and range for each mapping relationship.

Find the Range

Find the range of the given equation and complete the table.