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Understanding algebraic phrases is fundamental in mastering algebra. These phrases often serve as the bridge between real-world problems and mathematical expressions. It includes translating Addition and Subtraction Phrases and multiplication and Division Phrases. 

Translating phrases into algebraic expressions is an essential skill for solving algebraic problems. By mastering this skill, students can effectively model real-world situations and solve complex mathematical problems. Regular practice and a thorough understanding of algebraic operations are key to success in algebra.

Translating Phrases Worksheets

Translate Linear Expressions

Translate the given phrases in to linear algebraic expressions.

Single Variable

It is the basic topic in translating phrases, involves single variable.


It includes multiple variables. Translates the phrases into expressions.

Forming Verbal Phrases

Form verbal statements for the given algebraic expressions.

Match the Following

Match the following phrases to the expressions.

Algebraic Equation

Translate the given phrases into the algebraic equation.