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Get ready to explore the concept of weight with this fun and interactive worksheet! These worksheets provide interactive and engaging activities for kids to learn about the concepts of heavy and light in a hands-on manner. This hands-on activity is perfect for developing early math skills and promoting critical thinking. So, grab some objects from around the house and let’s get sorting! These worksheets are perfect for young learners exploring the concept of weight. Let’s dive in and discover which objects are as light as a feather!

Heavy and Light Worksheets

Circle Heavy / Light

These worksheets will help children develop their visual discrimination skills by identifying and circling heavy or light objects. Let’s get started!

Number the Objects

Students will practice identifying and sorting objects based on their weight. Using their observation skills, students will categorize the objects accordingly.

Tick Heavy / Cross Light

Tick the heaviest object and cross out the lightest object. Compare the objects with each other to determine which ones are lighter.