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Start your child’s journey to becoming a number whiz today!

Get ready to make learning numbers exciting and effective with our comprehensive collection of Ordering Numbers Worksheets. Perfect for helping children grasp the basics of number order and enhance their counting skills, our worksheets are designed to offer engaging and educational experiences for children aged 4-8 years.

Mastering the concept of numerical order is fundamental in math. It builds a solid foundation for understanding more complex mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, and number patterns. Our worksheets are crafted to ensure that learning this vital skill is interactive, fun, and effective.

Easy to download and print, our worksheets are accessible and convenient for both classroom and home use.

Ordering Numbers Worksheets

Ordering Numbers up to 10

These hands-on worksheets involve cutting out number cards and sorting them into the correct order.

Ascending Order up to 20

These worksheets include the numbers up to 20 arranged from least to greatest.

Descending Order up to 20

These worksheets include the numbers up to 20 arranged from greatest to least.

Ascending Order - 2 Digit

Start from the smallest and climb up! These worksheets are perfect for beginners, helping them understand the concept of numbers in ascending order.

Descending Order - 2 Digit

Mix it up by counting down! These worksheets help children practice putting numbers in descending order from the largest to the smallest.

Ascending Order - 3 Digit

Ordering the 3-digit numbers from least to greatest.

Descending Order - 3 Digit

Arranging the 3-digit numbers from least to greatest.

Ascending Order - 4 Digit

From simple single-digit numbers to more complex three-digit numbers, we have worksheets suitable for various learning stages.

Descending Order - 4 Digit

These worksheets is a great way for kids to learn about numbers that are ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’.

Ascending Order - 5 Digit

Arranging the 5-digit numbers from least to greatest.

Descending Order - 5 Digit

Order the 5-digit numbers from greatest to least.

Negative Numbers

Follow the instructions given in the worksheets and arrange the negative numbers accordingly.

Arranging Numbers

Arrange the numbers given in the group from least to greatest / least to greatest.

Descending Order - Puzzle

Different themed puzzle worksheets are available here for free download.

Ascending Order - Puzzle

Download these puzzle worksheets and arrange the numbers in ascending order, to find the mystery picture.