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Let’s practice comparing quantities with this exciting worksheet! In this activity, students will be presented with groups of objects and asked to identify which group has more items. Using their counting skills, students will analyze each set of objects and determine which one has a greater quantity. This hands-on activity encourages critical thinking and helps reinforce the concept of comparing numbers. With colorful illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, this worksheet is perfect for young learners mastering basic math skills. Get ready to count, compare, and have fun!

More and Less Worksheets

Circle More / Less

These worksheets will help children develop their visual discrimination skills by identifying and circling more or less objects. Let’s get started!

Number the Objects

Students will be presented with sets of objects and asked to determine which group has fewer items. Number the objects from more to less.

Tick More / Cross Less

Tick the more number of objects and cross out the less number of objects. Compare the objects with each other to determine which ones are lighter.