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These money counting worksheets offer a variety of activities to help kids practice counting coins, making change, and solving money-related problems. By engaging in these fun and interactive exercises, children will develop essential math skills while learning about the value of money in a playful way. Encourage your child to complete these worksheets regularly to reinforce their understanding of counting money.

Counting Money Worksheets

Counting Money Chart

These charts are designed to help kids learn how to count coins and bills accurately and efficiently.

Counting Pennies

Pennies, while small in value, play an essential role in understanding basic math concepts like counting, addition, and currency recognition.

Counting Nickels

These worksheets help children to practice counting nickels. Use the counting nickels chart to practice counting pennies. 

Counting Dimes

Encourage your child to make groups of dimes. For instance, ask them to create groups of 2, 3, or 4 dimes and count the total value of each group using the chart.

Counting Quarters

Counting Quarters helps the children to practice the money worksheets.

Counting Coins

Count the total value of the coins shown in each group and write the answer.

Counting Bills

Count the total value of the bills shown in each group and write the answer.

Counting Bills & Coins

Count the bills and coins and write the added amount.

Matching Activity

Match the value of the coins to the correct amount shown in cents.

Cut-Paste Activity

Cut the objects given below and paste them with the corresponding price.

Word Problems

Find the least number of bills for the given amount and also write down the demonstrations.