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Welcome to our exciting world of fruit charts for kids! Learning about fruits is not only delicious but also incredibly fun. These colorful charts are designed to engage young minds and help them discover the wonderful variety of fruits available. Let’s dive in and explore the fruity world together!

Promote healthy eating habits with this chart! It features a variety of nutritious fruits along with their health benefits. From boosting immunity with oranges to improving digestion with bananas, children will discover how fruits contribute to their well-being.

With these engaging fruit charts, learning about fruits becomes a delightful adventure for kids! Whether they’re exploring fruit colors, seasons, health benefits, or fun facts, children will develop a greater appreciation for the wonderful world of fruits. Let’s inspire healthy habits and curiosity one fruit chart at a time!

Free Fruits Worksheets

Fruit - Apple

Source of fiber, promotes heart health.

Fruit - Banana

High in potassium, aids digestion.

Fruit - Cherries

It offers various health benefits due to its rich nutrient content.

Fruit - Grapes

Grapes are packed with powerful antioxidants.

Fruit - Mangosteen

Mangosteen is often hailed as the “queen of fruits”.

Fruit - Mango

Mangoes contain high levels of vitamin A and vitamin C.

Fruit - Orange

Rich in vitamin C, boosts immunity.

Fruit - Pear

Pears are low in calories but rich in essential nutrients.

Fruit - Pineapple

Pineapples are actually a type of bromeliad plant.

Fruit - Pomegranate

Pomegranates are a good source of dietary fiber.

Fruit - Strawberry

Packed with antioxidants, supports brain health

Fruit - Watermelon

The heaviest watermelon on record weighed over 350 pounds!